As we know, the McDonald’s is one of the famous fast food restaurant in Malaysia. For incoming Merdeka Celebration, they used quite an interesting campaign in order to engage and get noticed by their customer. How? They go local!

McDonald’s turn out to be “Mekdi” (credit : Free Malaysia Today)

Previously , McDonald’s had used billboard images featuring iconic landmarks across the country which had gone viral. These billboards are part of McDonald’s OOH (Out-of-Home) campaign, celebrating Malaysia’s famous places and sounds that are unique to each area.

The locations are including the Penang Bridge, Petronas Twin Towers, Sunway Pyramid, turtle nesting in Terengganu, and Batu Caves. The visuals are constructed using McDonald’s signature food such as fries, burgers, nuggets and ice cream.

Luaskan Kuasamu Mekdi! (Credit : Buletin)
Let’s go to see some turtle (Credit : Buletin)
Apo kono eh jang (Credit : Buletin)
Haria Penang Haria (Credit : Buletin)
Lets Ipoh Mali ((Credit : Buletin)
Tu dia bak angg Kedah mai (Credit : Buletin)

The image below shows a billboard with two sundae cones were joined by a single fry depicting the Petronas Twin Towers with the caption “Semoga kita berjumpa lagi di Kuala Lumpur” (May we meet again in Kuala Lumpur).

Lets’s meet again shall we? (Credit : Buletin)

Another billboard was featuring a chocolate sundae which comes with the words “Tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu”, the title of the iconic Sabahan song by Kimin Mudin.

Tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu (credit : Buletin)

Earlier this month, in a statement written by Marketing Interactive, McDonald’s Malaysia’s marketing director Eugene Lee, said the campaign came out with more than 50 billboards across Malaysia. 

“It’s part of our effort to really localise the brand here in Malaysia and touch our customers by being locally relevant,” said Lee.

According to Lee, the brand is not looking at driving immediate sales dollars with the campaign, but instead boost its brand score marks, especially in the aspect of localisation.

“Brand scores are extremely important to drive long-term sales growth. When customers feel good about the brand, they’re likely to visit more often, and be more open to marketing messaging,” he added.

Go Local, Eat Nasi Lemak Everyday!

As the latest news, their idea to go localized in Bukit Bintang turn up to be the huge viral in social media by changing to more catchy name, “Mekdi”. Everybody asking why suddenly they changed the name to “Mekdi” and why they choose Bukit Bintang branch. This is because Bukit Bintang is their first branch in Malaysia since entering the market 37 years ago in 1982.

As a Malaysian the word “Mekdi” has been choosen because it is much more closer name to Malaysian. Even great Mc Donald also got Malaysian iconic menu , which is Nasi Lemak. McDonald’s Malaysia has also introduced its own version of Nasi Lemak McD, which is fast becoming a Malaysia’s favourite. The dish comes with fragrant rice cooked with coconut milk, crispy anchovies, fresh slices of cucumber, fried egg, and spicy, mouth-watering sambal.

First Ever McDonald’s Grand Opening in Malaysia, 29 May 1982

Go local, get more engagement will increase more awareness, hence get more customer!

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