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Tams Idea Sdn Bhd previously announces the intention for a rebranding to show its transformation and reformation. However, the process has caused confusion for the people who are unable to search for any information regarding TI10.

Lutfi Ali, chief executive officer at Tams Idea, said “The brand new TI10 signifies their new drive which is “passion with purpose” that represents passion with a clear sense of purpose on the job.” Adds Lutfi, “However, our current and new potential clients are finding a hard time searching for our company platform. Thus, we now agree to maintain the name Tams Idea but with some twist for a fresh new look.”

Along with this decision, the name Tams Idea was meant to maintain the brand position within the market. Danial Aiman, projection manager at Tams Idea said, “other than the fact that ‘Tams Idea’ is the representation of originality and intention, it also represents the loyal people who start and stay in Tams Idea back in the days.” Adds Danial, “Tams Idea can never get to the point where they are right now if not because of the 10 loyal people”.

Over the past 3 years, Tams Idea has successfully served clients like Bandoru, Garsa Kitchen, Narinar,  Nanostix, MDEC, BLEE and many more. Now, Tams Idea has over 20 talented people working together with one clear purpose, to outreach and engage bigger clients.

On top of that, Tams Idea only comes with a new black-and-yellow logo, colour scheme, website, organizational design, digital platform and other visual communication that represent simple, bold graphics to convey multifarious solutions in an understandable way.

Referring to “passion with purpose”, a spell that Tams Idea use indicates that every single talented individual in Tams Idea is the backbone of the company that helm the organization with purpose in this industry. Tams Idea made it realizable for the clients by being dedicated to their work and serves only the best.

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Address: 17-18, Mcity Tower 2, Off Jalan Ampang, 55000, Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +03 4265 1086

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You have your own vision for our marketing ut clueless on how to implement it? Worry not! We're to grow your brand.
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