In celebrating the month of Merdeka, we can see that all Malaysian do their best to show their patriotism toward the nation. Hari Merdeka (Malaysian for ‘Independence Day’), is also known as Hari Kebangsaan (National Day), refers to the day when the Federation of Malaya’s independence from the British Empire was officially declared.

Show our National Spirit (Credit: Kosmo)

The theme “Sayangi Malaysiaku” highlighted the importance of national spirit, causes many business owners to come out with special promotion or shirts related to the Merdeka celebration. Some of them even use “tengkolok” as a trend this year while some others continue promoting shirt with Merdeka design in their own unique way.

Tanjak going to be Merdeka Fashion this year (Credit aljofreekids)

As for KYT, a well-known helmet manufacture came out with a different approach. KYT grab this opportunity to take this current wave to sell their product and come out with a unique strategy.

What KYT Helmet Do?

2018 was the year KYT came out with this idea for their first-ever special Merdeka edition helmet. It was a huge success and the collecters demand for 2019 is even better. KYT used NFJ Venom Hellcat model helmet with the collaborate alongside FT Project to bring up the spirit of Merdeka. The helmet aesthetic appearance was all designed by a talented artist, Zaki Design.

Due to that, this year Merdeka celebration they produce a limited edition helmet for model KYT NFJ Venom Hellcat in colaboration with FT Project to bring the national pride and design by Zaki Design

Malaysian Flag Design KTY helmet (Credit:FT Garage)

What we see in term of KYT’s marketing strategy can be divided into 3 main things:

Malaysian Flag Design KTY helmet (Credit:FT Garage)

Pick up the “Merdeka” Wave

One of the most popular strategies in marketing is to follow the ‘wave’ of any upcoming festival celebration. August is the month closely associated with the celebration of Merdeka. The wave rises throughout social media and even offline setting mostly feeling the spirit of patriotism and nationalism. Hence, this is the best time to pick up the theme of the festival.

Special Edition, Get Limited!

People can’t contain their excitement after they acknowledge that the product only produces once a year with a limited unit. The situation is not only appealing to motorcycle users, but also to collectors of limited goods.

KYT used the same method to approach the market with a pre-order at a price of RM420 starting from March.

Besides, with each and every purchase of the helmet, buyers will get a special certificate indicates that the product is limited edition.

Increase Awareness

With this marketing strategy, many people were very enthusiastic and passionate regarding this news, while of the YouTubers even produce numerous number of unboxing video to review the product. People begin to realise the brand’s name KYT not only during the festival but also months before that because of the pre-order method for Merdeka. It increases brand awareness at a whole new level.

What really we can learn from this Marketing Strategy

It is important for the business owner to pick-up every theme that is related to any current or upcoming festival celebration. An attractive, undeniable offer would definitely won’t make people think twice to splash their cash about purchasing it during the promotional period.

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